Seek-Thermal with LIBSEEK

This is the git repository which you have to clone

Git Repository For Seek thermal camera
The library uses the waf build system to compile.

Run the Following commands :
curl > waf
python waf configure –prefix /usr
python waf
sudo python waf install –destdir /

test the following commands to check camera:

# Get 100 raw frames… move the camera around while this runs

# Generate bad pixels images (calib-avg.png, calib-std.png, calib-bpc-dead.png)

# Generate bad pixels correction structure

#test the video using test-viewer

Some important commands which are useful when you are using it

  • check video devices on system:
  • $ ls -l /dev/video*

  • open video device or camera
  • $ sudo chmod a+w /dev/bus/usb/002/003



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